Dedicated to water sports.

About Liquid Eye Water Housing Systems.

Designed by professional surf photographers.

Philippe Chevodian

Established in 1995, Liquid Eye is a European based company that builds splash water housing for Canon®, Nikon® still cameras and Sony® video cameras. Specially dedicated to water sports such as surf, windsurf, kite board, wakeboard, wave ski, sail and motor boats, our housings are completely handcrafted and built using the finest composite material.

Liquid Eye was started by a professional photographer who felt the need to create gear totally adapted to his needs and necessities.

Photographer Philippe Chevodian, became the special designer of Liquid Eye. His trips around the world searching for new waves, lead him to constantly improve and perfect his equipment. Every details of Liquid Eye housings is influenced by this research.

Our production is essentially centered on weight and volume earnings, paramount factors in action photography.

Our products are conceived and designed by professional photographers. That’s the key of Liquid Eye success.