Rock solid yet light as a feather!

C6300S Advanced Housing

With Back Plate controls for Sony α6300


Product Overview

The housing is constructed from high-strength, extremely durable polyurethane. The controls are ergonomically designed and built using marine grade stainless steel, and tough composites. The housing controls include a front shutter button and zoom control.

A Plexiglas back plate is secured using 4 recessed and captured hex drive stainless steel bolts. Our 4-screw closure system insures a tight, even seal, while eliminating the problems of screw loss, corrosion, accidental opening and dangerous exposed metal edges.

Flash Control is optional.

The C6300S package includes the S-LP-55 port and features an interchangeable port system for the Sony lens series. The S-LP-55 may be exchanged for any of our other Sony ports of equal value or we apply USD 150 credit towards the port of your choice. This water housing uses the S-LP Series Lens Port system.

An optional detachable 2-stage pistol grip PGS1 is available USD 150 extra. Because the housing is small, a pistol grip is not essential.

We also have Spare Parts Kits available, please inquire.

Advanced Back Plate

Back Plate with controls for Sony α6300

Product Information


Include a front shutter button and zoom control.

Interchangeable port system for the Sony lens series.

Small and compact so a pistol grip is not essential.

Uses the S-LP Series Lens Port system.

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

Width: 168mm (6.6”)

Height: 100mm (3.94”)

Depth: 71mm (2.8”)

Weight: ± 280gr. (0.62lbs.) Housing Only.


  • Polyurethane Body, Ports, Side Grip, Base Plate and Tray.
  • Plexiglas Back Plate.
  • Stainless Steel and Durable Composite Controls.
  • Polyester Resin and Fiberglass Pistol Grip (optional).


On the housing

Zoom control

Front shutter button

On the back plate

Menu Button

AEL-Playback Zoom Button

Movie Button

Function Button

Control Buttons (5)

Custom Function C2 Button

Playback Button

Soft Ergonomic Rubber Eye Cup

What’s in the Box

C6300S Water Housing with Front Shutter - On/Off, Power Zoom Control for selected lenses, C1 Custom Button, Mode Dial, Control Dial and Electronic Cabling.

Back Plate with Controls.

Wrist Leash.

S-LP-55 Port. (Or credit of USD 150 towards the port of your choice).

Tool kit – 1 Hex Keys (4mm).